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WTA is committed to helping people and businesses achieve success through economic and workforce development and skills attainment. Whether the goal is staying competitive or achieving economic mobility, WTA has the tools and resources to help. 


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Steve Richardson


Business & Organizational Leadership Development

Steve has led several businesses and non-profit organizations through the years. He has specialized as a turn-around management consultant to for-profit and non-profit organizations. He has led numerous seminars and workshops on crisis/change management, leadership, board management, and maximizing organizational effectiveness.  Steve is the author of the book, “Become a Better Leader in 30 Days,” and resides in Seal Beach, California with his wife Stephanie.

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Jannet Malig

Director of Training Development

Policy & Workforce Development

With over 30 years of transportation expertise, Jannet possesses a distinguished career highlighted by two decades of leadership in advanced transportation and clean energy initiatives within California's Community College system and beyond. Her contributions have been pivotal in securing millions of dollars to propel transportation and sustainability programs across California. As a Subject Matter Expert in clean energy and transportation, Jannet offers invaluable guidance to educators and industry professionals, pinpointing skills gaps and facilitating workforce training. Jannet has been instrumental in shaping the future of transportation education and sustainability initiatives in California.


Jon Kropp


Research, Design, & Grant Development

Jon is a seasoned workforce development professional with 15 years of experience advancing Career Education programs through strategic partnerships and resource cultivation. Since 2015, Jon has spearheaded the development of regional strategies and sector information reports, providing vital insights for funding initiatives and program enhancements aimed at fostering sustainability and the adoption of zero-emission vehicles. With a track record of securing over $14 million in workforce grant funding, Jon has facilitated support for more than 20 colleges across California. Beyond grant acquisition, Jon specializes in guiding nonprofits and small businesses in curriculum design, strategic planning, web development, and graphic design, effectively optimizing engagement strategies.


Research & Strategy

WTA can work with your organization to provide labor market reports and strategies to inform future training needs. The WTA team can help secure advisory committee members, skills panels, and organize industry focus groups to reinforce or validate findings. 

Workforce Training

WTA has the knowledge and expertise to help your organization advance its competitive edge through workforce development and training. Technology adoption is happening more rapidly today than in the past and it is critical to provide up-skilling opportunities to incumbent workers to stay on top of the trends and technology being deployed in the organization. 

Grant Development

The WTA team has written and developed over $25 million in economic and workforce development grants. WTA can work with your organization in a variety of ways to support your grant development and management goals or strategy. ​WTA can help with reporting, evaluation, budget development, project risk management, writing, and much more. 

Curriculum Development

The WTA team has over two decades of experience helping colleges and organizations develop curricula to meet various needs in clean-tech and transportation programs. WTA can create full curriculum packages, online courses, training videos, and other resources to meet any need. 

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Workforce Training Associates (WTA) is a nonprofit organization. WTA is committed to helping people and businesses achieve their goals, whether that's earning degrees or certifications, planning careers, finding or training employees, or overcoming barriers.


Our workforce team has over 30 years of experience in economic and workforce development, securing over $28 million in grants from the California Community College Chancellor's Office, California Energy Commission, & Federal Government.


At Workforce Training Associates, our mission is to empower individuals and businesses through education and training. We connect people with the knowledge and resources they need to build successful careers and thriving businesses. By strengthening our community's workforce, we improve lives and drive economic growth.


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I thoroughly enjoyed Paul O’Connell’s teaching methods of Electrical Levels 1 and 2 and introduction to High Voltage Vehicles. I think it is imperative that today’s technicians build the strongest foundation in electrical circuit theory and operation to determine the best testing methods. Paul’s curriculum challenges technicians to determine expected testing results before ever hooking a meter up to any circuit. This ensures that when a test or measurement is taken the technician can determine if the result is satisfactory enhancing their diagnostic path and improving accuracy. Paul incorporates hands-on testing on state-of-the-art circuit boards so technicians can apply theory to hands-on methods that allow for greater retention of the material.

With High Voltage Vehicles growing in a multitude of Fleets it is now more important than ever for technicians to become comfortable with electrical theory and diagnostics. If someone is unfamiliar with how a simple 12-volt series circuit operates and how to accurately test components then they have absolutely no business attempting to troubleshoot high-voltage vehicle systems. As a technician of over 20 years, I found that Paul’s teaching methods enhanced some of what I already knew and added so much more to my diagnostic toolbox. I highly recommend Paul’s courses for any Technician looking to enhance their electrical skill set and begin their training on High Voltage systems. Thank you, Paul, and Workforce Training Associates, for one of the best electrical classes I have attended.

Matthew T. McKibbinFleet Maintenance Manager

Denver International Airport - Airport Maintenance Division

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